Modimò, why choose it?

A whole world to discover


Plan your everiday life in a creative efficient way. Modimò will prove a mostly useful planning tool for your activities, whether it is for business or leisure.


Modimò is handy and light. Bring it always with you and put it anywhere, thanks to its flexible soft cover.


Make your Modimò unique. Set your creativity free and customize your Modimò as you wish. Make it 100% personal on both covers and inner pages.

Modimò notebook

All you need to know

Modimò is the lates evolution of the old organizer. Its flexible soft cover contains 2 separate and refillable inner journals. Keep the cover of your Modimò and replace the inner journals once they are over.


Pick the inner journal you prefer!

Change the inner journal anytime you want!
Modimò is refillable.Just keep the cover and replace the inner journals whenever needed. Pick the most suitable one to your daily needs and insert it into the cover. You will get a brand new Modimò every time!



Make every day planning fun and easy

Make your Modimò as unique as you are.
Customize the inner pages layout as well as the cover to help you organize your thoughts, activities and meetings. Set your creativity free and have fun while organizing the inner pages according to your needs.

Choose your journals

10 inner layouts (white, ivory, diary, week, colours, my plan, books, travel, food, lines

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